Шаблон для вендинга

Charles Mulligan brings operational management and financial skills to the operation.The ProductsChef Vending will have two product lines, each for the various markets it serves. Seaga India, a 100% subsidiary of the Seaga Group of USA, is the pioneer for bringing the concept of vending machines to India. Parts[edit] Most bulk candy machines have adjustable candy wheels that allow the owner to control how much product is dispensed per vend. Retrieved 10 April 2017. ^ Bingo, Торговые автоматы СССР, , 2 February 2012 (in Russian) ^ Автомат AT101-M, , 2010, retrieved 9 May 2014 (in Russian) ^ «16 Things You Didn’t Know About Vending Machines». Further reading[edit] Krug, Bryon. (2003). Vending Business-in-a-Box.

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