Office шаблон dot

Измените имя файла на ABNORMAL. DOT (Ненормальный шаблон). Нажмите . Вы выполнили операцию, равнозначную удалению файла, с точки зрения Word, поскольку программа не сможет найти файл NORMAL. DOT. При последующей загрузке Word создаст новый файл NORMAL. DOT с установками по умолчанию. Replacing «NORMAL.DOT» to Fix Microsoft Word Problems Microsoft Word is the world’s most used word processing program, but it has never had a reputation for rock solid stability. Page views since 13 April 2004 Many people visit this site and use the information it contains. It costs money to keep on line and effort to update. If you have received assistance here please consider making a donation if you can. Note: If Normal.dotm is renamed, damaged, or moved, Word automatically creates a new version (which uses the original default settings) the next time that you start Word. Word 2000 and previous versions display the full path where it says “Folder Name”. In Word 2002 and above you will undoubtedly have to pull down the arrow where it says “Look in” in order to see the full path.

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