Скачать шаблон с рабочим конструктором на тему crossfire

Variants[edit] Production numbers from Panzer Tracts 23[1] StuG III prototypes (1937, 5 produced on Panzer III Ausf. B chassis): By December 1937, two vehicles were in service with Panzer Regiment 1 in Erfurt. This list might not be complete (that is, it is possible that some PRs that have been fixed are not listed here). This is the list of problem reports (PRs) from GCC’s bug tracking system that are known to be fixed in the 4.4.5 release. From May 1943, side hull spaced armour plates (Schürzen) were fitted to G models for added armour protection, particularly against Russian anti-tank rifles, but were also useful against hollow-charge ammunition. New warning options The new -Wframe-larger-than=NUMBER option directs GCC to emit a warning if any stack frame is larger than NUMBER bytes. IntelliJ IDEA displays a full call stack, including the caller and the entire way to the beginning of the asynchronous actions.

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